It's simple really. We think everyone should have a beautiful bike. The problem is, mass produced bikes don't give you enough choice, and most custom bikes are prohibitively expensive. Our solution is to find used bicycle frames and rebuild them with top quality parts that you chose to create a custom ride at an affordable price.

Our team will source a frame that fits your height, you choose a paint color, and then we work with you to pick the parts and accessories that match your style and riding needs. Prices start around $600, and we can tailor your bike design to focus on the things your care about most, all while staying within your budget.

We know that bike styles and personal preferences change over time, but with proper care a well made bike frame can last a lifetime. That's why we hand pick only the frames that meet our quality standards. All frames are powder coated for a long-lasting durable finish, and each bike is individually assembled to fit your vision to the last detail. And when you're ready for a change, we'll help you find new parts and accessories.