003 (part 2) - American Bocce Co.

This one was really fun to build.  We collaborated with American Bocce Co. to convert our Pista racer into a certified boccemobile.  We added front and rear racks, traded the drop bars for mustache bars for a more comfortable ride, and customized the seat and wraps to match their brand.  The standout features on this beauty are the handcrafted front and rear crates made from recycled pallet wood.  And our favorite part is the custom nameplate that pays homage to the number plates of the classic racers. 

  • Steel Frame
  • Fixed Gear or Single Speed Flip/Flop Hub
  • Mustache Bars
  • Caliper Brakes
  • Sealed Bottom Bracket
  • Sealed Headset
  • Sealed Hubs
  • Alloy 700c wheels
  • Vittoria Tires
  • Sylvan MKS Pedals